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Sinister Flower Gift is Still In Print??

I've been scouring the web for used records and tapes from Iowa bands and came across the amazing fact that Sinister Flower Gift, the debut lp by the Des Moines-based band the Hollowmen is still in print at the Pravda Records website for $8.99! The site looks a little outdated, but I ordered a copy and will let you know if it actually goes through.

UPDATE: Tom Armstrong of the Hollowmen currently lives in San Francisco and is still playing music. Here's a link to his current musical project.

UPDATE (Nov 3): Look what came in the mail today:

Tom Armstrong of the Hollowmen told me that these albums are from their first pressing of the record which came out in 1985. Amazing that 22 years later you can order it from the same label! My only quibble: It didn't come with the lyric insert.

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This album was a most valued Christmas gift from my dear friend Matthew one year in the mid 80’s. What a lush and beautiful recording. I can only hope its being enjoyed where it is now.

Alas, I left it, along with part of my heart, miscellaneous detritus and a sangria hangover in a dorm room at Seattle University. With what can one repurchase ones youth when squandered so frivolously?

Grey Wedeking:

Wow! I'd throw on 'treeline' and crank it up. I love that album.

i downloaded that baby unto my computer - alas, i had to use a cassette tape of the album - but now i can listen to it on my mp3 player!

i've found mike sangster's head candy cd for a buck or less on ebay if anyone's interested.

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